Monday, 22 October 2012

Repro Sunsuit Pattern for 14 inch Vintage Pedigree African Baby Doll Sun Suit Pattern

*** Post Originally by Evelyn on Dolls More Dolls on Multiply ***

I think it's worth a re-post as it may be of use to someone out there in the bloggersphere?!

Evelyn:  "I've loads of patterns in my old British Doll Collectors News from the 90's, written by Collette Mansell. A lovely lady in Ireland has been sending me them a few at a time, they are great. This one is a reproduction of the Sun-suit worn by a black 14'' Pedigree ."

I don't have any of these dolls myself, but I thought perhaps somebody out there in Blogspace could use a pattern for one, if you do make an outfit from it,

Please let me know how you got on so I can add it to this post as I'm sure it'll be of help to others who wish to use this pattern - Thanks!