Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Little Miss Dress up - 14th June 2009

Here's some pic's of my little girl trying out new looks while we waited for her reproduction clothes, panties, headband and tear to arrive from America!


I can't find the Little Miss Fairy Pic's to upload :( lol guess that means I'll just have to go play fairies in the garden again!


little miss elegant
I originally bought this dress for my old china doll but after seeing how cute Little Miss looked in it I just had to let her keep it!!

little miss elegant
She may be elegant but she's still a beggar at heart!

Little Miss Dutch Girl!

"Little Miss I'm Out Of Here!"

Little Miss Spooky!

Lilttle Miss I Hate This Dress!
"Take it off me NOW!!!!!"


Little Miss. Hoody

Little Miss Beggar!
All dressed up in her Repro clothes & Tear! wooot

lilacmermaid wrote on Jun 15, '09
I loved this Herbs, you tell a good story in pics, i loved her first dress, wow, that is nice, but had to agree with miss on that 3rd dress, not her at all, so, is she princess to pauper, or pauper to princess, or is she whatever she is dressed in, lol, thanks for showing us this Herbs, Janet.x
carnice05 wrote on Jun 15, '09
these are brilliant, great captions.
kitschartherb wrote on Jun 15, '09
Lol Janet my Little Miss No Name has many personalities which is why she is just known as "Little Miss" and then the rest of her name depends on what she is wearing at the time!

I do tend to think of her as pauper to princess and back again lol but even when she was a princess she was still hitting the streets with her little hand out for change tsk old habits die hard I'm afraid!

When she's not on a photo shoot she wears her reproduction clothes!!

I have other pic's of her in different costumes but *sob* I can't find them (too many discs of photos here) lol

She's a great doll to photograph tho' those eyes of hers are just so adorable and give great expression and sometimes different meanings to the outfits lol Can you tell she's one of my fav's??

Thank you John!

I'm glad you both like the pic's of my little girl *swells with pride*



Kitty Oh said...

You may know, or you may not know that Little Miss No Name was available without bangs, and WITH bangs! Of course, it's tough to find her in fairly good condition either way today.

I can't ever decide weather or not I like those eyes, but I certainly think that she's one of the most INTERESTING dolls ever, anyway!

Speaking of her eyes, I sort of want to know the story behind Little Miss No Name's blue eyeliner! Did she steal it from someone? Is it a sign that she's a scamming fraud, as some claim that she is (Those who find her to be totally creepy half-jokingly claim that she'll hold out her hand, accept a coin, and steal your soul!), or is it a sign that that blue eyeliner is the ONLY pretty adornment that Little Miss No Name has ever been able to acquire?

I've known about Little Miss No Name, and about Susie Sad Eyes for years, but I've never seen either of those dolls offline! You're lucky to have found her.

Oh, and I LIKE the dress that she wishes that you'd take off of her! LOL!

Herbie said...

I didn't know that, I just assumed they'd had the chop! Interesting, thanks for telling me. As for the eyeliner, I have often pondered on that myself, sadly my little Miss refuses to tell me, she wants to be mysterious apparently! I guess she could be considered creepy, but those big eyes of hers really melt my heart! As for Susie Sad Eyes, funny you should mention her as I own her too, she's a cheeky little madam and no mistake!