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Diva Starz - Arrival day & Fashion Show (Body size test) and Comparison Pictures.

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Miranda is a 12 inch (talking) Diva Starz from 2002 In her original outfit with bag!!

I've been looking for one of these for a while and just kind of found the listing by mistake as the seller had her listed as a Bratz Doll!!??

I won her for 80p with £1.50 P+P

Felt a bit bad when I realised the postage came to £1.85 on her!

Lol until I unwrapped her and found she was wrapped up in one of those sale leaflet things from a budget food store!!

I'm so glad her head didn't get busted in the post :-S

Anyhoo here she is!

      This outfit is an original Mattel Diva Starz outfit, she came to me in this, with the bag too.
As it is the only outfit I have for her I decided to see how some of my other doll's clothes would fit / look on her, after all her body is very similar to a Barbie Doll's.

                               Test photos, trying on outfits for other dolls...

In My Scene Trousers, Barbie top & cheap Barbie boots.

My Scene Trousers, Not sure if the top is official Barbie clothing, the boots are from a cheap Barbie size grab bag I bought recently.  The trousers are a perfect fit, the boots are too but the top although it looks great from the front, is not such a great fit as Barbie is notorious for having a large bust, whereas Diva Starz bust is a lot smaller, which leaves gaps in certain areas between the doll body and the fabric. However, as this top is made of stretch material it is possible to pull it tighter around the doll and secure it with half of it's velcro fastening, although I wouldn't recommend doing that too often as I'm sure the velcro will pick at the fabric eventually, which will mean it will have to be cut smaller (and used for another, smaller doll)  if it is to remain in use. The boots fit the doll very well but are slightly loose against the legs, therefore it is useful to place her in longer trousers, which keep them on better.

Blythe Dress made in China no idea of make label in Chinese!
Boots to fit Licca, Jenny & mokomo dolls

This dress fits her body shape perfectly, however for some reason, on this doll it  seems to lay a  bit flat against the front of her body, which really distracts from the cuteness of it. The shoes are also a very good fit for her, but obviously they look terrible with this dress!

Barbie Fashion Fever Dress
This dress is another good fit although slightly loose and due to Barbie's over development or Diva Starz underdevelopment in the bust area, it doesn't fit nicely against her bust and looks very baggy in that area. 

And now I come to the Body Comparison Shots, between Diva Starz and a few other Mattel Dolls.

 As sadly there are people out there who love to complain that some of my dolls are obscene (ie. naked or covered in blood made of paint) and so I now have to display warnings before I post some of my pictures online, personally I find this pretty tragic, but meh what can you do?
So here you go... Warning and Jump Break coming up... one thing I would like to point out before I get on with the nude (how else could you really show body comparisons properly?) Body Height / Shape comparison pictures, is if you are offended by undressed dolls, please don't click read more, if however you have no such problems and are interested in seeing the differences, then please read on, if you have clicked "read more" and it did offend you...you have only got yourself to blame! So for the warning...

                                                WARNING - Extreme Dolly Nudity!!!!

                                               Body Height and Comparison picture review...

Diva Starz & 1999 Barbie (can't remember who :-S)
This Barbie doll is slightly taller than Diva Starz, her bust is larger, her shoulders are broader and her feet are slightly thinner. The waist line however, looks to be almost identical in both dolls.

Diva Starz &  Fairytopia Barbie
Fairytopia Barbie appears at first glance to be considerably taller than Diva Starz, however this is due to the differences in the dolls's feet. Diva Starz have flatter, wider feet, whereas fairytopia Barbie, like most other Barbies stand on tip toe a design feature which allows them to wear high heels shoes. For this reason, Fairytopia and most other Barbie high heeled shoes will not fit a Diva Starz doll's foot.  Again the waist line is very similar in both dolls, but Diva Starz appears to be slightly narrower and also narrower across the hips too.

Diva Starz & What's Her Face?
I'll get the most obvious difference out of the way; Diva Starz is considerably taller than What's her face. Her body is wider in every aspect, but oddly her feet are much smaller! I think it's fair to say, without even bothering to try the clothes on, that What's her face clothing will certainly not fit Diva Starz!