Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Beatrix Blythie couldn't wait to show off her new dress at Retro Lil's Place today!

I did a swap with an Australian Friend on Flickr....

This dress set (it comes with a silver and black cap with skulls on it!) was among the items I received ... is from T.I.B and cost a load lol but hey it's for Blythie right? lol

"I as new dress"!
 The shoes she's wearing were part of a grab bag I got from ebay and are awesome for photos because  when she has them on she can stand all by herself!!

Retro Lil' looks pensive as she awaits customers in her new diner.
"Of course you deserve it after selling all those cookies!"

I think Retro Lil' may need a lesson in cooking hot dogs tough  the one she just served up for Little Susie looks like it may actually be raw!

Photos taken 4th June, 2009.

The Cast:

Beatrix Blythie is an Aston Drake Galleries In The Medieval Mood (Reproduction) Blythe Doll.

Retro Lil' is a Mattel Reproduction of their Ponytail Swimsuit Barbie made in the 1960's.

Little Susie is an Original 1960s Sad Eye Susie Doll.