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More of My Toy Collection

Originally Posted in Dolls More Dolls on Multiply, 7th June 2009

1976 Kermit the Frog
Henson Associates by Fisher Price Toys.

Just had to get him for Miss Piggy! lol won't she ever be happy?...not sure he will be tho'!

He has velcro on his hands and feet for posing woot the seller was honest enough to offer me a refund of my 99p after realising he has some "Grandson Damage" to his eyes...fear not says I as I'm just gonna get out my Magic Sculpty woot!!

kitschartherb wrote on Jun 9, '09,
Hey guys!!
He arrived today and lol I had to look pretty hard to find the chews woot ain't no way they're gonna show up on the photos!
The postman delivered him  far too early for me this morning and I woke up to find I'd opened my mail and fallen back asleep with my arms wrapped tight around "Kermie"  with Miss Piggy looking all annoyed at me from on top of the wardrobe!!

Still I can see why "Grandchild Loved him"!!
He had a note with him too saying I can return him if I wish, and still have positive feedback and the seller even gave me her phone number but  after waking up in his arms there ain't no way he's going anywhere!

P.S He's currently hiding from Miss.Piggy around the side of the doll's ain't seen nothing right?!!!

Teddy Robinson

Teddy Robinson was given to me when I was 3...when Aaron was 3 I gave Teddy to him, and they became inseparable until Aaron was 11 and decided I should have him back (Yay!!)

Teddy's had some traumas and crazy adventures over the involved falling into a huge vat of Calf-Weening milk :( and I can't remember what happened to his neck but one day when I was small I remember going to my Mum in tears because his head had come off *sob* she sewed it back on for me but he kinda needs a doctor if I can part with him long enough or trust them enough to get him seen too :(
His legs, Arms and (should do if not for the accident) head all turn.

Unfortunately for me, last month my Aaron, now 17, was feeling very maudlin and informed me he wanted his Teddy Robinson back again (His mind you!) and so I had to give up ownership again, and Teddy's back where he likes to be in bed waiting for night-time cuddles to begin!

But that's the thing about Teddy Robinson, I have always loved him so intensely as does Aaron, and could never give him up for good, which is why he became a "Time-Share Ted'" with Aaron under strict orders that if he ever feels he's grown out of him, he must be returned to me!!

Teddy Robinson again!

Teddy Robinson was named after my favourite book at the time "The Adventures of Teddy Robinson" by Joan R. Robinson and just like that ted he wears a check outfit and had lots of adventures with me in the garden...he's favourite was having plates of cake at my dolls tea party's tho!!

If you have young children or Grandchildren, this is the book to read to them, it gave me many happy dreams and even more great ideas for adventures Teddy & I could have during the day!

Yay I finally have a Koosa (kinda)!!
I won this little cutie the other day...This is the sale pic'...

I always wanted one as a child but as my parents had already bought me 2 Cabbage Patch Kid Preemies, so I wasn't allowed ... fair enough I guess!

The seller listed her as a Kitty as she has a disc on her collar that says that but meh her ears say dog to me....
I nearly told them but then I read a comment by another Ebayer who tried to say that and the seller was so rude that I thought better not...better just try and win her first! lol

Still waiting her arrival though...hopefully next week! 

Woot, I say, Woooot!

Oh Yes...btw does anyone have a dog tag I could swap for the kitty one?

Hmmm...I dunno though, it may be cute having her as a species mix up!!

I'm planning to get a kitty one too at some point, so I guess I have to find one with a tag saying Doggy!!
 It seems I'm not the only one who believes this Koosa is a Dog... another Ebay User tried to tell the seller and this exchange took place,( in case you get confused, I've taken a screen shot of the conversation I had in Dolls More Dolls, when I showed her off for the first time and mentioned the Seller's reaction to being told the Koosa is a dog):

                                                     Cake, Cookies,Guns & Cash...Oh My!!

                  Arrgie's snuck into the doll's house to steal the cake I made for my little friends :(

Moving in Day!

Kitty enjoys a bowl of food before deciding if she should go play with the glow in the dark fish or the tarantula first!


Thank Gawd he's asleep 'cos he goes on and on and guilt trips me when he's awake!
I'd never seen one of these new ones but I went 'round my mum's one day and she said I found this in a charity shop today *gestures to worktop* I look and she starts grinning at me..."I knew you'd like him"

*grin* my mum's great!!!

*proud Herbie smugness*

Susie Sad Eyes
                                     How could I resist such a cute little Big Eyed Girl?

Little Miss No Name!

Lol My little baby just had to get in on the photo shoot!

The Brain!
This Guy is Huge...2 foot tall!
Not really a good idea for a mouse who plans to take over the World!!

Mr.Stay Puft!

He's  Been with me since 1988 lol 4 years after he was made!

I was given him by a friend at the time...still got him...ain't got the friend tho' hahahaha

Big Eye Collective!

... Hanging out with The Invisible Man Woot!