Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Bargains - 9th July 2009 (More Migrated pages from Dolls More Dolls in Multiply)

I went to the Railway Society Charity Shop on my way home to feed my pet's ...wooot!

Bagged me some bargains...woooooooot!

Trollz Hair salon

Large Size Trollz Doll...You place her inside the hair-dryer then brush her hair and it glows lol take her out of the dryer and it still glows wooot!

Reduced from £2.99 to £2.00!

Large Talking E.T

He cost 80p!!

His heart & His Finger lights up when he talks!

He still had the tag toggle on but no tag :(

He says about 5 or 6 phrases and one of them is a burp!

Stolen by Aaron tho' :(


Vintage Strawberry shortcake Rag doll...Maybe a hard one finding the right sized dress tho' :(

Dark skinned Rainbow Brite Friend Hallmark INC 1983... I'm debating whether I should remake her like a looby-lou ... only Aaron says "NO MUM!!"

And cute little Birdie I couldn't resist and neither it seems could Aaron as He claimed it straight away!

All for 20p each!!