Thursday, 25 October 2012


Something else I have just found on Ebay, this time from a Canadian Seller... I so have to keep my eyes peeled for one of these!!

How Kitsch is this??!

The thing I find wit a lot of 1970s toys is they have "a look of the person they are supposed to represent, but not quite exact, but that just makes them even more cool as far as I'm concerned!

I think her boobs are on backwards!


The box picture looks like her, but again, not quite!
Back of box states:
Cher's Vinyl Signature Doo ? (I think it's says Doo either that or Dog?? and that just wouldn't make sense!)
Compact with Four Makeup Colors and Lip Brush.
Eyelashes, Adhesive, Powder Puff and Sponge.
Six Rollers, Two Barreties (?), HairBrush and Comb.
Bobby Pins, Two Braided Ribbons and Two Elasticated Hair Ties.


   I've found some more images, from another seller on Etsy (Sold Now though)

This one is in much better condition.

Her hair is stunning, looks hardly played with at all!
Yep, that other one definitely had her boobies on backwards!

She is around 9.75” tall, on a 9” by 4.25” base
I think the hair may have been cut slightly in parts but considering it was made for play, and the age of the item, the hair is in pretty good nick!


 And here's another... you don't see one in 37 years and then along come  3 at once!!

                               This one was sold in 2010, this is what they stated in their sale:
                    "60's OOAK MEGO CHER MAKEUP CENTER!  For auction is a nice Mego Cher Makeup Center customized by me! I have added thick black eyeliner and lashes to her eyes and cut and styled hair by adding bangs and her curled side bangs! She has very soft hair, hair has been trimmed a little bit and is slightly frizzy, but it doesn't take the beauty away! The only flaw is that she was used for a OOAK project a while back and her head is no longer attached to the neck and shoulder base. Perfect for any Cher fan!     NOTE: I have not sealed the black paint around her eyes."