Friday, 26 October 2012

❉ Dollcena ❉ Chrissy Pressies for Aaron...shhhh!! ❉

Dec 15, '08 11:35 PM
for everyone

(N.B. All photo's are taken from the Ebay Listings)

Dandy Pumpkin Great Dollcena from Tomy, based on Jack Skeleton from the Tim Burton classic "Nightmare Before Christmas" Film. 

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The doll (to be honest, I can't work out if it's male or female!) comes in a "Jack Skeleton" ish costume with a hint of "Beetlejuice", has a Jack Skeleton mask and her/his own little "Zero" pet dog!

This photo gives you a much better look at the outfit, mask and Zero.

Tomy Dollcena "What is Christmas?" another Jack Skeleton inspired Dollcena, this one has been dressed to resemble the part of the film when Jack Skeleton dresses up as Santa Claus ("Sandy Claws") and tries to have a Christmas of his own by delivering presents throughout Christmas Town.

Again, I cannot tell if the doll is supposed to be male or female, but he/she does have awesome colour hair!

No little "extras" inside the box at all this time..

Tomy Dollcena "Best Friend Cowboy" Doll, I think there may have been a copyright issue with the use of the name "Woody" but not oddly his image, as it appears on the box!

Also included are a felt "Cowboy hat" and a small piggy bank style "Hammy", who as you most likely know is one of the leading characters in the films.

I'm pleased to report that Aaron was well happy with these new editions and arranged and re-arranged them on his shelf (which is now getting too small!) Along side his other Dollcenas, Mini-Pullips and Little Apple dolls!
 Woot for me I made a doll collector out of him... He's now after the Treasure Hunt "Pirate" Blythe Petite...after seeing the video I uploaded ... I guess that serves me right!!

B.t.w, Tomy produced one other Dollcena in the "Nightmare Before Christmas" Range; "Sally"  named "Pure Patchwork" I think she is quite sweet, but I knew Aaron much preferred the other two in the series, so I didn't bother myself with buying her, I think now that prehaps I should, so he will have the full set as it were...Hmmm

 She comes in a cute little "patchwork" print dress, similar to the one Sally wears in the film, and has a little handbag as an "extra" although as this is shaped and printed to resemble Jack Skeleton's head, maybe that should read Head-Bag!?  The bag has a beaded handle, she also comes with a purple scarf decorated with black polka dots, I have to say I have no idea where they got the idea for that item! 

Images of Pure Patchwork Dollcena, taken from - Sadly his item is currently out of stock on that site.