Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Winehouse Twins - Ooak Expressions Doll Custom

The twins took a while to complete, after re-locating the arms I did 2 full re-roots using synthetic human hair extensions  which I then styled into beehives. 

Eye make up, lipstick and cheek piercings were added, then came the fun part - the clothes!

I re-styled several items of clothing taken from expressions dolls into a Ooak Siamese twin dress and made white bloomers to go underneath.

The faces were sealed with clear varnish.

 Both doll's were re-rooted and their hair was styled into matching beehives, after which they were given "Winehouse -style makeup" and matching "Monroe" piercings!      


     Their bodies were cut and sewn together after removal of certain limbs, which were then relocated and sewn back onto the body. The left and right leg of each was removed and relocated.

The outfit is made of a combination of 2 Expressions Dolls outfits, slightly altered and sewn to accommodate limbs.