Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Holiday Souvenirs - 28th June 2009

yay I Finally got a dark skinned Diva Starz

I picked her up in Portmadog for 50p... 

I'd been wondering all day why her head was a bit weird and made a funny noise when moved....then after I got her back to the Hotel and gave her a closer inspection I discovered she's a winking Diva Starz lol
Little Blue Box Doll from Porthmadog
                                                 I only bought her for the top she's wearing...

                    I think Blythe's gonna look lovely in it and I only paid 50p so I'm not complaining!

Looks pretty sweet now her face is clean!

Tumbling Ernie on Llandudno Beach

I paid £1.25 for him!
For Aaron
Every boy needs a set of chattering teeth on feet!

for some odd reason I kinda find them cute!
French Knitting Nancy

Hmmm wonder why it's called a Nancy when it looks like a boy?

Anyhoo, funny as I was just mentioning one to Angie the other day and in the first charity shop I walked into in Portmadog there it was for 50p spotted it as I was paying for my Diva And other doll! woooooot

Nagdabbit! I forgot to buy me some of these :(

I was going to play at being Mungo Jerry!!