Monday, 22 October 2012

ADG Blythe, Beauty Cutie, Blythe Petite And What's Her Face "Fab faces" Doll Height Comparison Pic's

Another set of  Height Comparison pictures - Requested by Lorraine on Dolls More Dolls ...

She wanted to see the Height differences between my Mattel Beauty Cutie, Mattel What's Her Face, Aston Drake Galleries Blythe, Little Big Eyes and Blythe Petite Dolls, so here they are!

Just before I show you, I have to tell you why Beauty Cutie looks like she's doing the splits in every photo! It's pretty simple really, I bought my girl from a Seller in Canada, she was unboxed and came with only her stock outfit, had I have bought her in her box (a very hard task these days) she would have come to me with a stand. I do not have a suitable stand to use when posing her for pictures right now, so I made her stand up as best I could. As Lorraine already has her own Beauty Cutie Doll, it didn't really matter too much to her as she already knows the height dimensions of this doll. If however you do not have one and would like that info, please let me know and I'll either update this post or leave you a comment letting you know!

What's Her Name "Fab Faces" &  Beauty Cutie 

Beauty Cutie, Little Big Eyes &  Blythe Petite

Beauty Cutie, Fab Faces, Little Big Eyes & Blythe Petite

ADG Blythe, Petite Blythe &  Beauty Cutie

Little Big Eyes, Blythe Petite &  ADG Blythe

ADG Blythe, Petite Blythe &  Beauty Cutie

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