Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Birthday Pressies from Jules on Dolls More Dolls - Gifts from Jules -2009

Original post 20th June 2009 - 11:22 PM

"Hello Ducky"

Dunno what he says to you but he informed me he was a sailor so I guess he'll be getting his seafaring togs when I come home from my trip to the sea side!
He may even turn out to be a pirate...ya never know!
1980's "Honey" Keypers (2nd Series) by Tonka Toys

These little guys were ace I remember having one when I was small *grin*
Aww little thumb sucker!

I had one of these too...I'd forgotten how much I missed her until I held this little one...and yay punk pink knitted pants cool!
Oooh Wow...Look who I got??

lol...this crazy lot are going to sit in my front room on my new shelves that my Dad's putting up for me!!

Thank's so much Jules...they're just great!

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