Friday, 26 October 2012

BrainDrain 2001

BrainDrain is a piece I created in college as a protest against how I saw the effect of computers on children.

I watched my own Son, and his friends becoming almost "Zombiefied" whilst playing games for several hours, and started to think of them almost becoming entwined with the machine itself...This piece is one of 3 which reflect these ideas, the other 2 being, "Computerised Mummified" and "The Death of Innocence"

Please note, I am not one of those people who feels that certain games should be banned, or that children should not be allowed to play games consoles...these pieces merely reflect the thoughts that where rattling around my head at the time.

The Making of BrainDrain:

The doll itself was one of several that I purchased from a charity shop for the purpose of making art. I removed its head and hair, before spending countless hours re-rooting it with wires from an obsolete p.c. (one of several I managed to secure for the purpose).

I spray painted the doll in metallic colours and inserted part of a circuit board into her mouth, so it looked like she was spewing out computer chips.

The background for the image is made of ply board and edged with thin wooden batons. It was painted with emulsion before being spray painted in metallic paint and having small circuit boards (taken from the inside of mice) glued to the corners.

The doll was secured to the board with wires that wrap around its belly and hold it in place, whilst I was doing this I noticed the dolls arms were out in an almost crucified posture...I left them as they were as I feel this adds to the effect I wanted to achieve.

She is holding a small part which was also taken out of a gutted p.c.

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