Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My Very own Lowly Worm!!

In case you recognize him and can't quite place him...he is one of the characters in the books by Richard Scarry

I just loved these books as a child and Aaron loved the cartoon too when he was small!

Lol he came into my room yesterday after the great unwrapping...picked up Lowly Worm had a "vroom vrooom" play and then looked all embarrassed 'cos he couldn't help himself hahahaha

His apple is 2 and half to 3 inches high ...too cute!!

He's cute and he reminds me of all those wonderful trips to the (what in my memory was) the huge Library in Waltham Abbey and in Walthamstow where I spent many a happy hour choosing and reading books before deciding which ones I was going to take home with me... Happy Days!

Photo Found On Amazon
Richard Scarry's books had so much detail in them, you could look at them for hours and still see new things in each picture and they were so colourful too...that's why I loved them so much they were full of little worlds within worlds ...l I think those books were one of the things that inspired me to be an artist that and Rolf Harris with those massive canvases and a household paintbrush!

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