Sunday, 21 October 2012

Ooak Punk Barbie...Still a work in progress

Started this girl in Dec' 2008, and sadly still haven't had the time to cover up the damage to her arms, I was planning to make her a long sleeve something to go over her hands (chewed by previous owner) but sadly time hasn't allowed it yet... definitely one day soon though as now I'm looking at her again, I really want her finished!

Originally published to Dolls More Dolls Group on Multiply 06 Dec' 2008.


discodiva1979 said...

I love what you did to this second hand doll! She looks so AWESOME! love her nose/ear ring & esp the Mohawk-she looks RAD! Have you thought to re-body perhaps?

Kitty Oh said...

What a cool punk girl! I love the multi-hued Mohawk hairstyle, and the padlock necklace, and the nose-to-ear/ ear-to-nose chain, and the pants, and...My Scene Barbie's top! She's rockin' a bit of that old-school My Scene style, too!

Herbie said...

Thanks "discodiva1979"!
At the time I didn't as she was the only Ooak candidate I had, and then I sewed her trousers onto her body so *sigh* not an option now, the plan is to make her a straight jacket anyway so her dodgy hands won't be noticeable! :D

Herbie said...

Thanks a lot Kitty Oh,
I discovered a flocking aka Action man technique a few years back so I'll probably try this on her when I have time :D