Sunday, 21 October 2012

"What Not To Wear..."

Trinny: "Omg... I can't believe you are wearing that hair with them boots and that belt!"

Susanna: "Yeah she's not even slightly orange like me!"

Trinny: "Must have got dressed in the dark...the 70's are long gone y'know!"

Susanna: "Yeah could of made an effort! .. I mean look at us we're fashion icons!"

Amtoy: "But..but I'm a vintage Amtoy clone doll...what do you expect?"

Trinny: "Well I think you should try the green skirt with the brown flowers, and the purple boots, and you need a lot more make up...imagine Sus' ... she   actually thinks she can get away with the natural look!"

Susanna: "Or the orange blouse with the ruffed sleeves and the brown skirt with the purple stripes and green dots and the pink boots"

Amtoy: "Help Me!!"

*Credit for "Custom  Job" on Barbie goes to Toypincher (Flickr name) a.k.a Simon, who sent her to me*
(I just love her, she makes me laugh every time I look at her!)

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