Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Work Begins on Little Big Eyes "Alice" !!

Originally Posted in Dolls More Dolls on Multiply 15th June 2009:

This is the L.B.E Donna sent me with the dodgy leg...The leg is now fixed in place and works fine (she can sit or stand and her knees click and hold too...wooot)

The eye chips were removed and swapped with my other First Series L.B.E and Alice was left with very light coloured ones with pupils that hardly showed I took the chips out and started changing the depth of colour etc.

Ok so I finally got done with all her eye just the make up, hair and dress to do!!

* Keep checking back 'cos I'll be adding to this folder as time goes on!

Alice with Fixed Leg!

Empty Eyed Alice!

The Pink Eye Chips Get a Make Over!
On the left is the one I just finished painting...the one on the right shows how washed out the original colour looked.

Orange Eye Chips Get A Make Over!
The orange eye chips were customized by adding a skull pic' to the pupil and aluminium foil to iris to give glitter effect - customized one on right.

Blue Eye Chips Get a Make Over!
One on left is the original colour!

Green Eye Chis Make Over!
As you can see from the one on the left, the iris & pupil colour is pretty dull...

Right: Pupil blackened and enlarged, glitter effect added to green to bring out colour!

Eye Lids Get Make Up!!
hmmm....not sure if I'm keeping them pink yet!

Started Undercoating on lips and eye make up.
Her lips are shaped differently at one side so this is going to be a bit awkward!

Alice has now got Blue eyes!

Pink Eyes!

Alice's new Sparkly Green eyes!

Brown Eyes with Skull pupils
These are my fav's but then again so are all the others!

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